Your Doctor Could Market Your Business

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That’s crazy talk you say! How could your doctor market you or your business?

You might be inclined to think that I’m saying that marketing is now easy or that doctors have magical powers that give them the tools to market effectively.

Now, while it is true that there are more marketing tools out there than ever before, what that really means is that there’s more noise than ever before. That means it’s harder than ever to rise above that noise and be heard. It means that with more options, there’s more complexity to marketing, and greater difficulty.

It’s an interesting dilemma: Any time a new marketing tool comes about to make marketing easier, it’s really only effective at that for a limited time. Then it just becomes standard. There’s nothing worse for a marketing effort than to be standard. At that point, it becomes a battle of who has the deeper pockets and can afford to crowd that method for the longest possible time.

So, what am I really saying here?

Part of what I’m saying is that marketing has grown so complicated that, to be effective, you’ve got to be a specialist. This is similar to the way the medical field works. Your general practitioner (in-house marketing team, if you have one), refers you to a specialist. That specialist then goes through the process necessary to treat you and send you on your merry way.

This brings me to my second point: process. The way your marketing specialist should work is the way your medical specialist does. Begin by investigating what’s wrong and determining your standard markers of health (past data). Then, you’re compared to those similar to you and their markers of health to gain a general standard. Your symptoms, general health markers, and comparison to the standard inform a diagnosis. That diagnosis informs an effective treatment plan.

Here’s how all that looks in bulleted form, so you can compare and contrast for yourself:

Marketing Process:

  • Analyze client, its function, and its goals. Define a target audience.
  • Look at past data on marketing efforts and results. Look at current audience.
  • Compare to similar businesses. Look at similar business marketing efforts and success rates.
  • Choose a method for getting the word out and create a marketing plan.

Medical Process:

  • Analyze patient and their goals (usually assume its to be healthy).
  • Look at medical history
  • Compare to people with similar general health markers (age, weight, etc.)
  • Choose a method of treatment and create the plan.

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