The One Experience That Changed my Europe Trip – Copenhagen

After looking over my notes from my time in Denmark, I wanted to know, if I narrowed things down to 1 event that contributed the most to my trip, what would it be? What I found not only made sense from a numbers and financial standpoint, but it also makes sense on a conceptual level.

Let’s reason through this and then get to the actual experience; I’ve already written about how people are what make a trip special in my previous post. You can find the article at the bottom of the page linked under the “Previous” label, but I’ll sum it up right here for you: out-of-the-ordinary experiences come from people, not things.

Knowing that, we then need to find ways to engage with other people. That can be a bit troublesome for a few reasons:

  • Shyness can prevent us from attempting to engage randomly with people.
  • The Setting doesn’t always enable socialization. Attempting to start a conversation in a bathroom is probably not the best way to make friends for instance. This is because the setting can often determine people’s Receptiveness towards you.
  • Time. You can have the proper setting to socialize but if you only have 30 seconds you’d be better served at a speed-dating event.

How can we get all the factors just right to enable socialization?

The Copenhagen Pub Crawl.

Maybe you were looking for something that seemed a bit more highfalutin, but this post is about effectiveness.

The Pub Crawl works perfectly for several reasons:

  • Everyone that is there, is there to socialize. In other words, they’re receptive.
  • The setting is a social one.
  • You have plenty of time.
  • While you shouldn’t use alcohol as a long term treatment for shyness, it works in the short term. Drink responsibly.
  • After paying 143 dkk (at the time of this writing), you don’t have to pay entry fees at the locations you visit, you get free shots and a free beer, and there are discounted drinks. I did some back-of-the-napkin math and found that I had more than made my money back in booze and bars.
  • If you’re still feeling shy after a few drinks, the hosts/guides do really well at bringing you into conversations and making sure you have a great time

All of that comes together to create an ideal social situation, the effects of which will ripple through your time here and elsewhere.

In the end, I made several several new friends (1 of whom ended up altering my trip plans and another who taught me about Swedish politics) and had my world-view challenged. It led to a free place to stay in Germany (for 1 week which means another 1400 dkk saved), a camping trip in the Sauerland, and what will probably turn out to be a lifelong friend!

The pub crawl is a big part of what taught me that people are the adventure.

Take the leap and great things could happen for you!

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  1. Manuel Ercolini says:

    Amazing post man! Thanks for sharing your awesome experience at Pub Crawl Copenhagen! I took your advice and it was definitely a great choice!

    Liked by 1 person

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