How the People you Meet ARE the Adventure – A Journey to Denmark (& Germany)

In my previous post, I mentioned at the end how a friend I made altered the course of my trip. It made the trip real.

The infinite bridge in Aarhus. It is a place for socializing.

You see, up until that point, my trip plan would have had me moving through the largest cities in Denmark. After I left Copenhagen and spent a week in Aarhus, I realized that this was a mistake. There are actually only a few things to see in each city that truly resonate with my interests and I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re just sightseeing, don’t stay anywhere for too long.

Now, if I hadn’t been focused on connecting with people in Copenhagen, I may have been stuck seeing city after city, feeling less and less fulfilled. Luckily, while on the Copenhagen pub crawl, I made friends with a German woman that we’ll call Frau.

Don’t be confused, Aarhus was still a good time. The guy in the white suit was my guide for both the free walking tour and the pub crawl.

After Copenhagen, Frau returned home without further plans for her holidays (vacation). So, I invited her to Odense.

That wasn’t her cup of tea, as she wanted to spend time at home. Instead, she suggested I visit her down in Haltern Am See.

Weary from time spent in cities and wary of having a week that looked exactly like the previous one, I accepted her offer. Without thinking too long, I booked the 12 hour Flixbus ride.

Haltern Am See is a town located in the West of Germany, in North Rhine Westphalia and has approximately 38,000 inhabitants. While there, I spent time relaxing in the marketplace eating ice cream and exploring the Roman museum (Haltern Am See historically served as a Roman base).

I also took the opportunity to go camping in the Sauerland where I stayed at the Biggesee and visited the Atta cave. The Sauerland is a beautiful place for hiking, with the hilly land regularly reaching above 400 m.

These experiences were incredible and very well could have been the best part of my trip.

None of it would have been possible if I had stuck to myself and the tourist attractions. A simple trip was transformed into a true journey and I expect to maintain contact with Frau.

A tower won’t make your trip special. The people will.

Thanks Frau

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